emergency tree removal in caldecott

Emergency Tree Removal in Caldecott

This week saw something a little bit different for GCK Treeworks Ltd.  Our team was called to carry out an emergency tree removal in Caldecott.  Unfortunately the customers barn was demolished by the mature Oak tree but the task of safely removing it was still to be carried out.

Due to the precarious nature of this job, a crane was utilized to make the job as safe as possible for the climber and ground crew.  This allowed us to stabilise the tree throughout the cutting operations, as well as being able to remove the timber from site in large pieces, reducing our time on site and ultimately the disruption to the customer.

Fallen Oak tree emergency tree removal in caldecott

emergency tree removal in caldecott using tractor and grain trailer to remove waste timber

Tree removed by insurance company

Lime Tree Removal in Market Harborough

Tree condemned due to subsidence

GCK Treeworks Ltd carried out the sectional felling of a Lime tree in Market Harborough.  Although in reasonable health this tree was unfortunately causing subsidence to the property as determined in a recent insurance report.

Our team of 3 qualified tree surgeons dismantled the tree carefully, employing the use of rigging equipment where necessary to avoid any damage to the customers lawn.

The stump was removed entirely with one of our smaller tracked stump grinders.  The spoil being removed from site and the area reinstated to leave a perfect finish.

Overall GCK Treeworks Ltd spent 2 days completing the entire job and leaving another satisfied customer.


Lime tree removal Market Harborough


Stump Grinding and removal at Market Harborough


tree clearance hedge clearance with forestry mulcher in wellingborough

Hedgerow & Tree Clearance in Wellingborough

GCK Treeworks were asked at short notice to carry out the removal of 2150m of hedgerow and trees near Wellingborough.  A larger space was required by the client to accommodate new buildings and only a short window was available within which to carry out the tree clearance.

AHWI-Prinoth Forestry Mulcher Hire

Our Tracked AHWI-Prinoth Forestry Mulcher is the fastest and most efficient method for carrying out this type of work.  Available to hire with operator anywhere in the UK.  GCK Treeworks Ltd are continually helping our customers find the easiest and most cost effective solution for clearing large areas of vegetation quickly!

Tree Clearance

Following a thorough site risk assessment and site ecologist approval, our 4 man team set to work.
Within just 4 hours our specialist machinery had completely removed all vegetation as per spec.  In addition, leaving a nice neat finish in the shortest possible time.

A Clean Finish

The hallmark of a good site clearance company, a tidy finish is something we make every effort to achieve.  With a highly trained machinery operator and experienced ground crew we achieve this every time without fail.  The AHWI-Prinoth forestry mulcher leaves the site clean, level and ready to be replanted if required with no further preparations needed.


Pine Removal on A Beautiful Winters Day

Our team were sent out to remove a Pine tree that had been condemned.  This is the kind of weather we love for doing tree work.  Crispy cold with clear blue skies all day!  Our tree surgeon carried out a risk assessment prior to climbing the pine to dismantle in small sections.  The work was completed well within the time frame and the site left immaculate, leaving yet another happy customer.


Hedging and Topiary

At GCK Treeworks we pride ourselves in the quality of our hedge work.  This is a job we undertook for one of our many regular customers.  Making their gardens look the best they can be is our goal and we feel we achieved that looking at the photos of the finished work.

Heavy reduction (40%) in a conservation area of an Ash tree

Due to the Ash tree’s location overhanging a building, we were contacted by the home owner to come and see what we could do to help.

After our tree surgeons had been and evaluated the tree we decided the best way to complete the works was to reduce the tree to improve safety to the customers buildings.

The method used with the crane and tractor and trailer was the most efficient and safest way to complete the works.

The customer came away very excited after watching all the machinery in action and thrilled with the final outcome.

Oak Tree Reduction

This Oak tree was outgrowing its space and impacting on both the property owner and the neighbour. We were called out to evaluate the situation and our tree surgeons decided the best thing to do would be to reduce it by 3m to satisfy both the client and neighbour whilst still retaining a healthy tree.

After arriving on site, our tree surgeons meticulously carried out the work and created a beautiful finish to leave the tree in the best condition, leaving our customer extremely happy.