400hp AHWI/Prinoth RT400 Tracked Stump Grinder Hire

For Hire
Operated hire or price work
UK and Ireland
Ideal for stumps in areas with high contamination
Can remove any sized stump
Perfect for large clearance sites

The RT400 stump grinder is the fastest stump grinder in the UK, with 440hp at the grinder drum – equipped with heavy-duty tools, it effortlessly destroys the very largest hardwood and softwood stumps in minutes. It is able to work in almost any type of ground conditions and will cope with extreme site conditions, such as deep mud, steep slopes and contaminated ground.

This machine can also be used to strip-rotovate sites when there is a need to incorporate mulch or vegetation and trees back into the site soils.

The RT400 can be supplied to site with both the stump grinder head and a heavy-duty UZM700 fixed-tool mulcher head, to finish off sites to a very high standard.

If you have large volumes of stumps , there is only one choice of machine.