600hp AHWI/Prinoth Raptor 500 Tracked Forestry Mulcher Hire

For Hire
Operated hire or priced work
UK and Ireland
Shreds any size material
Mobile and versatile machine
Handles contaminated material

This ultra-aggressive tracked forestry mulcher is designed for extreme site conditions. Equipped with extra-grip tracks and powerful winch, it can work on steep slopes and perform self-recovery, when required. With nearly 600hp and fitted with heavy-duty rotor tools, the Raptor is extremely efficient at mulching large stumps and deep or oversize harvesting residues and can work in very aggressive soil conditions, including deep-ploughed and mounded sites. Stumps and timber of unlimited size can be processed in minutes and with the capacity to lift the head to 2m high, there is nothing too large for this machine. The Raptor easily out-performs other types and makes of machine and is super-productive in almost all situations, whilst still retaining compact dimensions to enable efficient and cost-effective transport on standard low-loaders.