AHWI/Prinoth RT400 Tracked Forestry Mulcher Hire

For Hire
Operated hire or priced work
UK and Ireland
Shreds any size material
Mobile and versatile machine
Handles contaminated material

All-terrain machines using a solid steel high speed rotating drum, mounted on the front, to shred any size of material from standing whole tree trunks and stumps, to green waste and hedgerows. It is equipped with heavy-duty cutter teeth that will work effectively in soil and will cope with a high degree of contamination such as fence wire, stones and bricks. The process works by using the ground as the cutting surface, so there is no damage caused to any internal areas of the machine. Mulchers will mostly work un-aided and only require assistance from an excavator when material needs to be laid out on the ground from large piles, or when heavy contamination, such as large metal objects, need removing.  Contact us to see if AHWI mulcher hire is the best solution for you