Ecology And Habitat Mitigation

Working to the highest wildlife and habitat protection standards, we provide our clients with professional installation of reptile fencing, badger proofing, hibernacula creation and sensitive habitat removal in protected areas. Our staff are passionate about working in partnership with ecologists and other environmental professionals, thus providing our clients with a complete land management service.

newt fencing

Reptile fencing

We install fencing designed to maximise trapping during surveying periods. Working side by side with our clearance teams, robust reptile fencing can be installed quickly and efficiently.  Thereafter the local reptile population can be either contained, or trapped and relocated prior to any development works.

Sensitive site clearance

Working alongside experienced ecologists throughout site clearance projects saves time and money. We assess environmental impact in the planning stages, thereby allowing us to choose the right machine and experienced operator for each project. We ensure our environmental controls are understood by all our staff.

Bats and trees

Working with licensed bat experts we carefully inspect any potential bat roosts identified during surveying. Where there is a reasonable likelihood of finding bats in trees, trained arborists are used for a closer aerial inspection.

Invasive weed management

We have extensive knowledge and experience working with invasive weeds.  GCK Treeworks Ltd can Identify and treat/eradicate invasives, using specialist incinerators where necessary to ensure weeds such as Japanese Knotweed are not spread by work carried out onsite.