Northampton Stump Grinding Service

We have a range of stump grinders in our fleet, from tractor mounted machines capable of removing any size stump to smaller pedestrian machines. This versatility makes even the most awkward to reach tree stumps accessible. Our teams can regularly be seen in Northampton stump grinding, as well as the surrounding towns and villages. 

If you do not want the grindings backfilled into the hole we are able to completely remove them from site. We can then backfill with a suitable top soil and turf/grass seed to reinstate the area entirely if required. We take the utmost care during the stump grinding process, putting safeguards in place to protect your property and to ensure the entire site is controlled in a safe manner from start to finish

stump grinding northamptonshire
stump grinding northampton

Stump Removal on Large Site Clearances

If you have a large volume of stumps to remove there really is only one choice of machine.  Our AHWI/Prinoth RT400 Tracked Stump Grinder is the fasted stump grinder available in the UK.  Designed to cope with the most extreme site conditions.

stump removal northampton
large stump grinder northampton

See the AHWI/Prinoth RT400 Stump Grinder in action

Available for hire throughout the UK and Ireland